Back to Analog

I bought a new calendar on Tuesday. A paper-based one. It’s wire bound, with a week on two pages, and a month view before each new set of weeks. I am beside myself with retro-style glee. I also bought pencils. #2 pencils. Then I went home and transcribed the next six weeks of my life, in pen and pencil (depending on my level of commitment to each event) into the new calendar. For the past few days, I’ve been delightedly carrying my new agenda into classrooms, to my doctor’s office, to an advisory board meeting…it is SO excellent. I fastened a big fat rubber band around the cover so that I could keep a few sheets of notepaper tucked inside, just in case I needed to scribble a quick list. Oh my.

I got a Palm Pilot in 2001. I loved it. It helped me keep track of everything. I switched to a Palm Treo in 2006. I loved that device, too. It was even better than the Pilot because I could have one device instead of a data-thing and a phone. I could search the Web AND keep my contacts, phone log, and calendar all in one place. I could tell you if I’d had a meeting with you anytime in the past five years. I could enter your birthday, and be reminded to send you cards forever. It was so awesome. Then I got a Palm Centro in 2008. That was a mistake: too small, too plastic, too..everything, and not enough anything. But then I got a Droid, and the Google Machine became a part of me. I was an Android. Except I couldn’t really access my past or future if the battery died. Now, the beloved Droid can’t hold a charge for more than a few hours, and Verizon is willing to let me upgrade it. In the meantime, the Husband is on his third iPhone. He has Siri in his pocket. She helps him, and speaks to him in patient tones, even when she doesn’t understand a word he says. I want Siri. I want an iPhone. But I also wanted a calendar that would let me attach a pencil-scratched “to do” list on top of today’s appointments, and a calendar that would let me look at today, and tomorrow, and Saturday, all in one glance. Analog. It’s just so real. How’s that for a way to start 2012?

Want to meet me for dinner? I’d be glad to pencil you in. And if you need to cancel, I can erase the date, flip to another week, and make a whole new plan.


2 responses to “Back to Analog

  1. Mary Ellen Foley

    Your Mother can give you any lessons you may need-but hers is located on the fridge !

  2. There is something so satisfying about pen and paper.

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