A Room of My Own

The Husband has been urging me to write about my new room, but I must say I’ve been hesitant. I’m a bit embarrassed to be blogging about this topic.

For the past eight years, “the blue room” has been a guest bedroom, sort of. The other, real, guest room is outfitted with a king-sized bed and is much more private and spacious than the blue room is. When we first moved into the house, we bought a twin bed with a pop-up trundle for the blue room in anticipation of the possibility that we might have two visiting parties at the same time. In eight years, there has been exactly ONE time that we needed to make the blue room guest-ready.

In the meantime, I’ve been using it as an all-purpose catch-all room for my school materials, cookbooks, makeup table, and the dresser for my workout clothes. The Husband has been using the closet in that room for his wardrobe because, well, the closet in the master bedroom was completely filled with some of my clothes. The rest of my clothes have been on seasonal rotation in and out of storage bins. The whole system had become unwieldy and disorganized. So we concocted a plan, a la Sex and the City, to convert the blue room into one giant walk-in closet/dressing room/total-girl-haven. We moved the trundle bed into The Boy’s room for his sleepover buddies, bought beautiful wooden clothing racks for all my hanging items (ALL of them; not just one season’s worth!!), then moved The Husband’s stuff out of the closet and into the master bedroom. We put all my knitwear, handbags, and scarves into the blue room closet. Shoes are now organized and stacked by season and style. Black dresses are all together. Skirts are arranged by color, length, and sometimes style (all the flouncy ones are together, and all the flowery cotton ones are together). Belts are hung on hooks; hats are displayed nicely so that they won’t be crushed. The full-length mirror is tucked perfectly between two racks.

It’s like having my own private boutique. And everything is in my size! I’ve been joking around about how I get to go shopping in there every morning.

Someday I will write more about how my strong feminist tendencies align with my fashion indulgences. But right now, I’m just loving my decadent new room.


One response to “A Room of My Own

  1. It sounds great. I, on the other hand, am pushing and pulling things in and out of storage from our spare bedroom (the one where I send my husband when his snoring is out of hand!)

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