Showcase Exhibit

I think fall farmers’ markets are even better than art museums.

Look at those squash. The colors, the patterns, the arrangement of shapes and lines–it’s (OK, I have to use the word) organic.

Or, look at these apples. I love the rustic nature of the wood crates balanced against the brightness of the fruit. It doesn’t hurt that the sun was shining so brightly and casting a perfect shadow across the display.

Then there are the carrots, radishes, and beets.

Everything has that just-out-of-the-field look to it. I don’t think I can go to a farmers’ market without my camera, especially in Rhinebeck on a day like Sunday.

Are you hungry yet? Because if the produce didn’t get you, maybe the baked goods will:

You can click on any of these thumbnails to see the larger image, but please don’t take my photos for your own use. Thanks!


One response to “Showcase Exhibit

  1. Ohhh, I do love art museums but I may have to agree with you. Farmer’s markets are so much fun especially on a fall day.

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