Wide Awake

Why did I get up this morning?

That’s not a cynical question. I had a great day today. But even when I don’t have a great day, I look for at least one highlight.

Looking for the wake-up moments keeps me alert, curious, and I hope, optimistic. And the beauty of it is this: there’s no quota. At the end of the day, I might have a whole list of great moments. But every day, there has to be at least one. Most of the time, it’s something completely unexpected, which keeps me on my toes.

Some days the answer is easy. Last Friday, I couldn’t wait to see my son, who had been on a school trip for three days. When I watched him bound off the bus, I couldn’t stop grinning at his adorable goofy 11-year old self. Sunday we celebrated my husband’s birthday with a walk on a nearly empty beach on a perfect late summer day. We found sand dollars all along the water line–lots of them, in different colors and sizes. My son had never seen them before. He was captivated by their delicate perfection. What a great reason to be awake.

Why did you get up?


3 responses to “Wide Awake

  1. I’m getting my goofy 11 year old ready for a three day trip and I’ll sure miss him. I love your gratitude.

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