Domestic partnership

Funny role reversals around here over the past few days…

I taught an intensive graduate course all weekend, leaving the husband and the boy to their own devices. Friday night was fairly predictable: they went to see “Dinner for Schmucks” and had pizza for dinner– no boundaries were crossed, and there was no surprising behavior from anyone. It was the perfect choice for an 11-year-old and his dad. Saturday, they (well, the husband) did laundry, picked up the farm share, and went grocery shopping–all of which are usually MY activities. We all met up for dinner at our best friends’ house. I left early so that I could get some sleep before another long day of teaching. The guys stayed until 11:30. I’m usually the one who hangs around. Yesterday (Sunday) they went out and bought furniture while I was at class. The sales rep in the store couldn’t believe that the husband was allowed to pick out a sectional and a new mattress without his wife. I must say, there are many purchases that would make me nervous, but after 17 years of sharing furniture, I trust the guy on this one. Although I did ask him if we could change the color of the upholstery to something more exciting.

Tonight, for the second time in a week, the husband made dinner. For anyone who knows him, this is shocking. His repertoire is limited, and most of his dishes involve copious amounts of cheese.  The meal he prepared (yes, there was cheese, but he acquiesced to use it as a condiment) is one that he and his college buddies used to make decades ago when they lived in a big group house full of hippies (his word, not mine). And so, we sat at our suburban dining room table, tasting a memory from more than 30 years ago.

This has been great, but tomorrow, I’m cooking.


One response to “Domestic partnership

  1. love catching up with your life through blog…maybe someday I’ll get to meet these people for reals.

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