Farm Season is in Full Swing!

New England summer food…what is your greatest temptation? The roadside ice cream shop? Lobster rolls? Fried clams? Watermelon? Burgers on the grill?

For me, it’s all about farm stands. All those gorgeous shiny vegetables, leafy greens, juicy fruits, and then the great specialty items: the fresh honey at our CSA, the cider doughnuts at Russell Orchards, the bread and baked goods at Morning Glory Farm, I can’t resist.

We missed the CSA pickup last week because we were on the Vineyard (which meant we could shop at Morning Glory instead). So this week, I couldn’t wait to get over there to see what was in the flat for July 30. The corn was so beautiful I just wanted to photograph it, but we steamed it and ate it with sauteed cod for dinner. And then there was beautiful, bright, colorful swiss chard–one of my favorite vegetables.

Tonight, I minced a firm, sweet onion from the farm, tossed it with their fresh garlic and some red pepper flakes, then stirred in the chopped swiss chard. Then I baked it with some cheese between layers of creamy polenta. The result? Oh, yeah. Cheesy, velvety, almost like souffle, with the sweet-sharp flavor of the vegetables all through every bite. Once I post this blog entry, I’m going to toss together a blackberry cobbler. The blackberries are huge, firm, and purple-icious.

So much more to cook this week–Summer risotto tomorrow with more of the fresh corn and red onion, and I’m thinking about a kohlrabi-bacon slaw to serve with our cookout dinner for the at-home camping trip Friday night. Then I have to figure out how to duplicate the white gazpacho from Sweet Life. I just found a recipe for cucumber granita–wouldn’t that make a great refresher with spicy barbecue?


One response to “Farm Season is in Full Swing!

  1. mmmm, bacon

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