Internal Clock Reset

It’s taken awhile.

By that statement, I mean, it’s taken awhile to get back to the blog, once I started it. But I also mean, It’s taken several weeks to re-orient myself to the relatively slower pace of summer. The end of the school year blurred into a full-court-press to orchestrate a teacher conference. Immediately after the event (which was a great success–I’ll be updating all of that this week on the professional website, the husband, the boy, and I piled into the car and drove west into the Hudson Valley for the first in a series of summer vacation trips.

Somewhere in the early afternoon on Tuesday (Day 6 of the vacation), I realized that I had no idea what time it was–and even better, that it totally didn’t matter. I also wasn’t entirely sure what the date was. I love that. LOVE it. During my normal academic-year routine, I operate in five-minute increments: 5:45 alarm; out of the house before 7:00; five minutes in Starbucks, arrival time at school  by 7:45; rushing through the building to make early morning rounds in all the classrooms, dashing down the hall to observe a lesson, squeezing in a meeting before lunch duty…But now, I have none of that pressure–or at least, very little of it. And it’s really amazing how hard it is to shake the feeling that I’m supposed to be somewhere, or supposed to be doing something.

I do, in fact, work in the summer. Most of my July-August work involves writing, web development, course planning, and curriculum preparation, which are all tasks that don’t involve much in the way of meetings. So, even though I’ll be back at school for most of the next two months, it’s all mellow. Happy summer, everyone.


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