Hello world!

Me with my mom and my sister

Today’s my 47th birthday. I’m now older than I’ve ever been, and younger than I’ll ever be again. A few weeks ago, my friend Susan and I were talking, as we often do, about what it means to be women of our age in 2010. We are so fortunate to have the lives we have, and to have filled our lives with the people we have found over the years, and to have the luxuries of time and companionship to discuss these issues. One recurring theme in our conversations is the recognition that we are not held to the assumptions and expectations that our mothers faced. When she was my age, my mother had three children out of college. I have one child entering 6th grade. When she was my age, my mother had been married for 26 years. I’ve been married for 14 years. When she was my age, one of  my mother’s daughters (not me) was already married. I have no daughters, and my son is only 11 (and still single). At every age, my mother has been surrounded by women whose lives paralleled hers. They were, and continue to be, each other’s confidantes, reality checks, and group consciences. Many of those friendships still endure, and they continue to define my mother’s life in a wonderful way. At every age, my friends and I have made every possible choice and followed every possible path that presented itself. The amazing range of professions, locations, partners, accomplishments, interests, experiences, and views that define us makes it impossible to describe a “type.” I jokingly told Susan that rather than defining ourselves as middle aged ladies, we should begin to think of ourselves as role models. Given what I’ve been saying in this post, I really have no idea what that means. But bear with me. Let’s get a whole bunch of us to be role models–Not because we’re doing everything (or anything) particularly well, but because we’re all out there doing things.


4 responses to “Hello world!

  1. It is fun to compare & contrast our mother’s lives with our own… I am almost exactly two weeks older than you are, and when my Mom was our age (47), she had a 7-year-old (me) and a 9-year-old (my brother). I’m actually “ahead” of her with a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old.

    Anyway, enough about me — have fun with your blog!

    Lynne L.C.

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday, belated. I like very much how you began your blog. (There must be something in the air, because I started mine only a week and a half ago.) Love the photo, too.

  3. Lovely start to the blog, and a reassuring take on middle age. Some days I feel more like a cautionary tale than a role model.

  4. Thank you for this beautifully written blog that you offer to us as you become more wise, more fortunate, more beautiful, more bold, more humbled at the ripe young age of 47! Happy Belated Birthday Lauren! You rock!
    I never much cared for the term ‘middle aged’ and certainly appreciate the role of ‘mentor’ and ‘role models’ as we have become a new age of women over 40 – so much to give and so much to receive…. that you for sharing!!!

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